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Science is one of the main things that generate benefits for humanity, with updates and discoveries in favour of progress, whether it is facilitating situations like architectural novelties, or looking for solutions to certain problems of everyday life, such as diseases, physical problems, among many other important things.

A good example, is antibiotics, a scientific discovery that really help people to face some infections and diseases. For all this, our team decided to make a list of the greatest discoveries of science during all these years: 


Gravity existed previously, but there was no specific law or something already written until the English mathematician and physicist, Isaac Newton, discovered and explained in 1664 that gravity is a force that attracts objects to each other and all this is due to the amount of mass they have. Newton is considered one of the greatest scientists of all time. 


Electricity is one of the greatest discoveries of all time, as a result, we can work, have our phones and everything related to the world of technology. This was thanks to Michael Faraday, who in 1821 found out that a cable connected to a pole, generated electricity, which over time was improved to reach the service we currently enjoy.  


Penicillin is one of the most common and most used antibiotics at a medical level for common diseases, and thanks to it, they can be eliminated.  

This antibiotic was discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, who left during the holidays, cultivation of bacteria in his laboratory and when he arrived, he found that all the bacteria had been eradicated from the crops by a fungus called Penicillium and with this, he began to develop himself the medicine. 

These discoveries marked some very good changes in the development of humanity. Gravity helped us to understand everything related to the world of physics and to create the measure of weight, which is the force that attracts bodies to the earth’s surface.  

Electricity helps us in everything that has to do with technology and communication, since all technological areas use electricity, so it was a great discovery, and Penicillin has helped us a lot with diseases and medicine.  


Minerals are very important and necessary nutrients for our body, they help us to have a very good life without so many diseases. These have different origins such as animals (different types of animal meats) and vegetables (different types of fruits and vegetables). 

Our body needs specific minerals, such as calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chloride and sulfur. Other extra ones are iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, cobalt and fluoride. 

Each of them has one or several specific functions in the body, which makes them very useful and important for us and our wellness. For all this, here is a list of the benefits that minerals give us. 

Health of bones and teeth 

Minerals serve as nutrients to bones, especially calcium, which is primarily reserved within the medullary cavity. Having healthy bones helps us a lot, because they serve as general support of the muscles, mobility from one place to another and protection of the different vital organs such as the brain and the heart. 

For all this, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus intake is very important, which can be found in dairy, green vegetables, eggs, and fish. 

The bones function as a store of nutrients, which helps us to have many reserves of these minerals in our body. In addition, the bones have communication with the blood through the red blood cells and these minerals are also shared. 

Minerals produce energy 

We mainly need oxygen to produce energy inside our body, which helps us to fulfill the internal and external functions. For the oxygen to be transported, the red blood cells are used, which inside them have an iron molecule that is joined to the oxygen and then released in the place where it is necessary for the different cells, so that energy is produced. 

For all this, iron is an important element, because without it we could not carry out this process and we would not have energy at a molecular level. In the case of not having iron in our body we could get to suffer Anemia, a dangerous disease, which causes us weakness and fatigue. It is stored in the liver, spleen, muscles and bone marrow. Foods rich in iron are red meat. 

Nerves and Muscles 

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Potassium is one of the main minerals that we can find in our body. Its main function is to maintain water levels in the cells, so that all cellular processes can be performed without a problem, especially with nerves and muscles, which are also responsible for movement. 

Thanks to this mineral, we have mobility in our organs and they can contract and flex, and also, we can move in a general way wherever we want. 

Immune system 

Minerals such as calcium and zinc, are very important for the immune system, which is responsible for protecting us externally of diseases and viruses that we can find. It will also serve to heal wounds quickly, to fight infections and repair cells throughout the body. 

These benefits are the most important offered by minerals for our body and they allow us to fulfill all our functions in a correct way. Thanks to the minerals the teeth and bones can be healthy and strong, we have good muscles, we can have a lot of mobility and we will be resistant to diseases that we can get. 


Nature never ceases to amaze scientists with its unpredictable and impressive events, this is part of what makes it so special. The constant curiosities it reveals, keep scientists alert and with their feet on the ground, expecting anything.  

Our mother nature can be impressively intriguing and beautiful at the same time, this is the principal reason behind the many types of research and findings by scientists around the world. In this article, we will share three of the most exciting of them. 

The Hong Kong Haiting Hall 

This cave is located in Guangxi forest, Hong Kong. A group of researchers found it in 2017, they were amazed by its huge dimensions and the magic of getting inside of it. Their first impression was that it is a deep pit and then they lowered to check out what was inside. It’s hidden beneath the ground, like a secret escape for those who like adventures.  

The sinkhole is 100 meters wide, around 118 meters deep, and almost 200 meters long. There are other similar places around the world, but the Haiting Hall of Hong Kong even has water-polished rocks that people usually call “cave pearls” which makes it a beautiful sinkhole compared to others. 

The Tree Fight 

Scientists are going through many studies to identify the origin of actions of some trees discovered recently. The behaviors they present are pain reaction, chemical warning signals they made for other trees and the nourishment of saplings and adult trees through a subterranean fungal network they have. 

Scientists wonder if the behavior of trees is their way to manifest discomforts, unhappiness and other ills that may be afflicting them. Studies affirm that they operate wisely and intelligently.  

Do trees act like organisms that handle stimuli by themselves or are they chemically stimulated? This is a big question for scientists, who are still trying to understand the way they behave. 

Earth Consumes Its Oceans 

The several tectonic plates present on Earth are often forced to slide one underneath the other, inducing earthquakes. What you didn’t know is that this process also pulls a huge amount of the seawater down to the lower layers of the planet. 

Billions of tera-grams are dragged every million years, they’re driven through the Earth’s interior. The equality of a tera-gram in kilograms is a billion. Unbelievable! 

Nature is not called “Mother Nature” for no reason. As a woman, she has endless surprises for us, to delight us, so that we keep falling in love with those wonders.  


Probably, when you think of scientific advances, you immediately think of changes produced by individuals with a higher educational level and with a higher IQ, as was Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. 

But the truth is that today everyone can make an important scientific breakthrough derived from a simple coincidence, and although, it is clear that scientists have now better technology than in past centuries, we can still see less drastic advances in the world. 

That is why for this year there are some scientists who promised new revelations towards certain fields of modern science. Technology is stepping strong in our lives and the major progresses are actually technological. 

From thousands of atoms to modern cars we can see the great efforts of humanity to make changes in the world around us. In this article, we will talk about upcoming scientific breakthroughs. 

Data Storage in DNA 

microscope slide research close up 60022 - 4 Most Relevant Science Breakthroughs of This Year

An excellent example of this, is the use of synthetic DNA chains to store large amounts of data, it is something new in the world. Just as DNA in the human body contains a wealth of information, research found that a few grams of DNA can store an exabyte of data and keep it intact for thousands of years, which is a really important breakthrough.  

Better Look at Black Holes 

We have been able to confirm the existence of black holes by measuring the movements of the individual stars that orbit them and, although it is actually more difficult to obtain images of these things, progress has been made in this respect. 

Researchers have realized the idea of creating an image using a large number of radio telescopes to simultaneously measure the same objects from a wide range of locations, and then gather them together to get a general picture of the system. 

Quantum Computing 

Using the principles of quantum mechanics, this approach is a step forward from the usual 0 and 1 binaries, to the more complex qubit. By working with quantum algorithms to process information, these much more powerful machines are expected to make learning much more complicated and accurate for a machine, and make a lot of technological breakthroughs. 

Quantum Internet 

Immediately after the advances in quantum computing, it was obvious that the technology would be applied to the Internet, which allows the qubits encoded with information to be sent and received from places around the world. 

Several countries have already developed quantum-capable satellites that could host a quantum Internet, and they expect to see great strides in the coming years on this amazing technology. 

These scientific and technological advances will be very important for our future, thanks to the storage of DNA we can perpetuate our knowledge through all generations and the quantum Internet will help us to protect all our data on corrupt people. We certainly live in the golden age of science.