3 Incredible Findings in Science About Nature

Nature never ceases to amaze scientists with its unpredictable and impressive events, this is part of what makes it so special. The constant curiosities it reveals, keep scientists alert and with their feet on the ground, expecting anything.  

Our mother nature can be impressively intriguing and beautiful at the same time, this is the principal reason behind the many types of research and findings by scientists around the world. In this article, we will share three of the most exciting of them. 

The Hong Kong Haiting Hall 

This cave is located in Guangxi forest, Hong Kong. A group of researchers found it in 2017, they were amazed by its huge dimensions and the magic of getting inside of it. Their first impression was that it is a deep pit and then they lowered to check out what was inside. It’s hidden beneath the ground, like a secret escape for those who like adventures.  

The sinkhole is 100 meters wide, around 118 meters deep, and almost 200 meters long. There are other similar places around the world, but the Haiting Hall of Hong Kong even has water-polished rocks that people usually call “cave pearls” which makes it a beautiful sinkhole compared to others. 

The Tree Fight 

Scientists are going through many studies to identify the origin of actions of some trees discovered recently. The behaviors they present are pain reaction, chemical warning signals they made for other trees and the nourishment of saplings and adult trees through a subterranean fungal network they have. 

Scientists wonder if the behavior of trees is their way to manifest discomforts, unhappiness and other ills that may be afflicting them. Studies affirm that they operate wisely and intelligently.  

Do trees act like organisms that handle stimuli by themselves or are they chemically stimulated? This is a big question for scientists, who are still trying to understand the way they behave. 

Earth Consumes Its Oceans 

The several tectonic plates present on Earth are often forced to slide one underneath the other, inducing earthquakes. What you didn’t know is that this process also pulls a huge amount of the seawater down to the lower layers of the planet. 

Billions of tera-grams are dragged every million years, they’re driven through the Earth’s interior. The equality of a tera-gram in kilograms is a billion. Unbelievable! 

Nature is not called “Mother Nature” for no reason. As a woman, she has endless surprises for us, to delight us, so that we keep falling in love with those wonders.  

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