Minerals and Your Body – What Are Their Benefits?

Minerals are very important and necessary nutrients for our body, they help us to have a very good life without so many diseases. These have different origins such as animals (different types of animal meats) and vegetables (different types of fruits and vegetables). 

Our body needs specific minerals, such as calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, chloride and sulfur. Other extra ones are iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, cobalt and fluoride. 

Each of them has one or several specific functions in the body, which makes them very useful and important for us and our wellness. For all this, here is a list of the benefits that minerals give us. 

Health of bones and teeth 

Minerals serve as nutrients to bones, especially calcium, which is primarily reserved within the medullary cavity. Having healthy bones helps us a lot, because they serve as general support of the muscles, mobility from one place to another and protection of the different vital organs such as the brain and the heart. 

For all this, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus intake is very important, which can be found in dairy, green vegetables, eggs, and fish. 

The bones function as a store of nutrients, which helps us to have many reserves of these minerals in our body. In addition, the bones have communication with the blood through the red blood cells and these minerals are also shared. 

Minerals produce energy 

We mainly need oxygen to produce energy inside our body, which helps us to fulfill the internal and external functions. For the oxygen to be transported, the red blood cells are used, which inside them have an iron molecule that is joined to the oxygen and then released in the place where it is necessary for the different cells, so that energy is produced. 

For all this, iron is an important element, because without it we could not carry out this process and we would not have energy at a molecular level. In the case of not having iron in our body we could get to suffer Anemia, a dangerous disease, which causes us weakness and fatigue. It is stored in the liver, spleen, muscles and bone marrow. Foods rich in iron are red meat. 

Nerves and Muscles 

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Potassium is one of the main minerals that we can find in our body. Its main function is to maintain water levels in the cells, so that all cellular processes can be performed without a problem, especially with nerves and muscles, which are also responsible for movement. 

Thanks to this mineral, we have mobility in our organs and they can contract and flex, and also, we can move in a general way wherever we want. 

Immune system 

Minerals such as calcium and zinc, are very important for the immune system, which is responsible for protecting us externally of diseases and viruses that we can find. It will also serve to heal wounds quickly, to fight infections and repair cells throughout the body. 

These benefits are the most important offered by minerals for our body and they allow us to fulfill all our functions in a correct way. Thanks to the minerals the teeth and bones can be healthy and strong, we have good muscles, we can have a lot of mobility and we will be resistant to diseases that we can get. 

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